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Floating Pearl Centrepiece

Floating Pearl Centrepiece

This is a stunning centrepiece that is simple to put and the end result gives the illusion of floating pearls.

Use this centrepiece for weddings, school balls or other formal events. See the step by step guide with pictures on how to get this beautiful creation.

For this, you will need a pack of clear jelly beads (hydrated), a vase, acrylic pearls, water, and a long handled wooden spoon.

1. Put some clear jelly beads at the bottom of the vase.
(You will need to hydrate the pack of clear jelly beads first in a litre of water – this takes about 6 - 8 hours)

2. On top of the clear jelly beads, add some acrylic beads.

3. Add more water pearls and acrylic beads until it is filled to the desired volume.

4. Add more water until the jelly beads are fully submersed. The jelly beads will appear transparent once the water is added.

5. There will be little air bubbles trapped between the beads so use a wooden spoon to stir the beads which will release the bubbles. You can also use the spoon to push or move the beads around so they are evenly placed through the vase.

6. Place the floating candle (or flowers, if you prefer) on top.

Clear jelly beads, acrylic pearls and vases are available for purchase through our website.

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