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Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

When it comes to weddings, most of us are familiar with the traditional of having “Something borrowed something blue, something old, something new.” 

This tradition is one that has been carried on through the ages and brides continue to tie in these four essentials items into their wedding. Some brides love the traditional aspect of this and include special items to reflect each part of borrowed, blue, old and new, while others see it as a charming little custom to add a fun element to their special day.

So what is the significance of “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue”?


Something Old

This item represents continuity with the bride’s family and connection to the past.

Most brides love the idea of wearing a sentimental item on their wedding day that belonged to their mother, grandmother, or an older relative for the big day. Sometimes a relative of the bride may gift  her a piece of jewellery or family heirloom. 

Something ‘old’ has commonly been used a relative’s wedding dress, veil or garter. Other items you can use for this (and some of these ideas may work for your something borrowed too) are;

  • A piece of fabric or button of a favourite garment of a loved family member

  • A cake recipe for the wedding cake

  • A sentimental ornament  such a locket with photos  tied to the bouquet

  • Hair accessories –this can be a veil or tiara

  • An old piece of poetry or reading that can be included in the ceremony

  • Skip the limo and use a vintage car belonging to a family member or friend


Something New

‘Something new’ represents optimism for the bride’s future and the new chapter in the lives of the newly wedded couple. This one is probably the easiest to include as it could be anything you have purchased for the wedding – the wedding dress, jewellery, shoes or wedding rings. The bride may opt to buy this item herself or it can be a gift from someone specifically for the wedding.

Other ideas for your something new could be;

  • A new perfume

  • Personalised Champagne flutes with names and wedding date

  • A new haircut or a new shade of lipstick

  • A cake topper


Something Borrowed

This item is usually borrowed from a happily married friend. The reason behind this is for the happiness to be passed onto the newly wedded couple, essentially ‘borrowing’ some of their happiness.

The ‘something borrowed’ here can be many things;

  • A personal item such as the wedding dress itself, the veil or hairpiece, jewellery or perfume

  • A cake knife or a cake topper

  • A favourite song that was used as a friend/family member’s wedding


Something Blue

Having something blue at your wedding indicated a combination of love, fidelity and purity which are important for a solid marriage. Traditionally a blue garter was often worn by the bride, but now you can opt for other items. Click here to view our range of blue hued products that you can use for your something blue.

Other items you can use are;

  • A handkerchief with blue stitching

  • Blue nail polish

  • Blue outfits for the bridesmaids

  • Blue silk rose scatter petals down the aisle

  • Having some blue flowers in your bouquet

  • Blue wedding shoe stickers

  • A ring cushion with blue lace or satin ribbon


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