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Crystal Water Pearls Mixed Colours


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10g packs - just add water.
Makes about 750mls.

In 6-12 hours you will have funky coloured jelly beads for your wedding vases. 
Approx. 300 beads per packet and they grow to about 1.5cm-2cm diameter each once hydrated. 
Material: non-toxic super absorbent cross-linked polymer 
How to use:  One packet of dehydrated beads  into a container with approximately 1L of water. This makes about 750mls of jelly beads. Let the jelly beads sit and hydrate 6-12 hours. When the jelly beads have finished hydrating the appearance will look like a crystal clear jelly bead. 
How long does it last? Can last for up to 4 months as long as you keep adding water to the jelly beads! Please rinse these out weekly if storing for more than a week, and more frequently if storing in warm and humid areas to avoid them getting mouldy.





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