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White Pillar Candle Large - Seconds


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7.5cm wide by 15cm high 
Burn Time : 70 hours 

**Please note these are discounted as they have minor imperfections on this lot. Our supplier has closed down and this is the last lot of candles we have. It is a mixture of 7.5cm x 15cm and 7cm x 15cm. 
Imperfections are small dents on the top edges (as in they have been dropped on it's edge - can be shaved down to even surface) or slight curve in places (as seen in the attached image where it seems like it is curved inwards on the right side) All the candles have similar imperfections but normally unnoticed if placed well with the imperfections facing away from view if possible.

Pillar candles are a very popular addition to weddings as they give off a lovely warm light and add elegance. They can be set up carefully in the background to create amazing indoor wedding photos. 
These small ivory pillar candles look great when set up with candles of other sizes. 

Please trim the wick down to 1cm to ensure it burns for the time stated. 
Please check with your venue if candles are permitted as due to hazards, some venues allow flame-free candles only. Let us know if you require flame-free candles and we can help source them for you.

The wick should be trimmed to 1cm prior to lighting, to ensure that the candle burns for the stated time and does not drip.





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